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Thursday, April 18th, 2013

OK. So I have decided to start a new little project. A side project if you will. (As if I do not have enough stuff going at the moment!) I came by this ideas just the other day during a twitter conversation with a few fellow architects. I am going to borrow a format from my good friend @archy_type, who has a series of art he creates on post-it notes and shares via Instagram and Facebook.


And the new idea is……  “Architecture Blog Post-it”


Pile of Post-its as a beginning

The notion is quite simple. Create a single post-it note that conveys any subject matter related to the profession, practice or creation of Architecture. It could be a thought for the day. A sketch. A detail. A rant. An exclamation. Anything that the creative mind of an architect can produce. I feel that the opportunities are endless. And it could also be off topic at times. I am sure that at some point, it would be nice to not deal with architecture. Maybe those are weekenders. The goal will be to create one per day. I am going to try to do it for a year at first. (I am sure I have enough branded Post-its for 6 years of posts) But I hope that the concept grows and evolves over time. These will just be additions to the normal content on the blog.



Post-it: The IDEA

So I have already gotten the domain and hope this is something that I will transfer off of my Firm web site and onto its own arena. I just need to get the new archpostit.com web site designed and operational.  Then I hope to get submissions from other architects around the web and the world to send in their Architectural Post-it. Then it could become a cool snapshot of the profession on a daily basis. And a place where any member of the AEC community could contribute content.


So look for new posts in this series starting on Monday April 22.  



All in one: Architecture Blog Post-it: Kick Off

I still plan to continue my regular posting. Well as regular as it can be these days. (Note to self: Make time to blog.)


–Andrew Hawkins, AIA

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