The App Man…that’s me?!?

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

I am a technology geek. I am always searching out the newest toys for my electronic world. I may not always have the budget to pay for all those wonderful toys, (I am an architect after all) but I search and research regardless. I am often the “go to guy” for many of my friends and relatives when it comes to the newest gadget to buy. This is, as most things, a blessing and a curse. But, hey, I take it in stride and always attempt to offer the most help I can to those less technologically inclined. Although I greatly prefer to collaborate with other techno-geeks and get into long lengthy discussions about why “Tech-X” is superior to “Tech-Y” or many other stimulating conversations had with others (or in my own head) over coffee or beer. Some people talk politics, others art; I like to talk tech. How can it impact our lives, our work, our future, our existence as a collective whole? This is the stuff that rattles around in my head at night and keeps me awake when I should be sleeping (or working).

So I have managed to make this obsession work for me in some positive ways. I write articles. (some get published) I give presentations. (some get attended) I do a bit of travel. (some is paid for by others) I get more involved.  (it takes more of my  time) And the list continues to grow… So now I have a gig writing posts in my own series for the AIA National Website. This is a new addition to my “technology guru” endeavors. But I will be the first to confess…I am not the end all, be all in this game. I feel that even this series should be a collaborative effort. I did several presentations this summer at the AIA National convention about apps and I probably got more pleasure in talking apps with other users between presentations. So I hope to learn more again through this series.


Apps for Architects AIA Nat'l 2013

Apps for Architects AIA Nat’l 2013

All of this is mainly because I love to tinker and “architect” my world. So I have taken to searching out a wide range of tablet applications, some for AEC industry and some not. I play, test, delete, learn, delete, modify, and tinker with all of them. The goals for me are simple…

Can it make my job easier?

Can it make my day more efficient?

Can it improve my skills?

Does it make me a better professional? A better Architect? A better person?

Or is it just downright cool?

With those lofty goals in mind, I will try to enlighten and dazzle fellow architects with each post and hopefully you can at least say yes to one of those questions above. I have been an iPad user since the first generation iPad was available, so most of my experience is in that realm. But due to this process and my own desire to expand my knowledge, I will be obtaining an Android device and putting it to work too! I plan on reviewing apps that are on both platforms and will always denote if they are available on each.  This is important as the iPad dominance is lessening and the market share for tablets is approaching a 50/50 split on the OS front.  As another point of reference, my office is completely PC based. So I deal in the transitions from Apple to PC on a daily basis.  My hardware for these reviews will be an iPad Air 64gb WiFi+Cellular and soon to be purchased Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition (16GB, Black)

So there you have it. This series will review tablet apps and hopefully give you a bench mark to make your own decisions about the benefits to your personal workflow or daily process. I hope to get plenty of feedback and always love to learn about the methods and ways in which other users “architect” apps for their own benefit. Please be sure to look for my posts over on Leave comments, share your knowledge, or drop me a note.


‘ til next time

–Andrew Hawkins

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