Hawkins Achitecture

Think + Create + Sustain

In Our Office

Hawkins Architecture strives to act environmentally responsible in our office by practicing sustainable actions to reduce our impact on the world. Many of our actions are simple but still effective ways to do our part:

  • We recycle all paper products in the office. This includes paper we use for work process along with mail, correspondence, and most other paper products.
  • All but the most essential equipment is turned off when not in use, especially at the end of the work day.
  • Office lights are always off when the office is not occupied. And when not fully occupied, limited lighting is used.
  • We have reduced our consumption of paper over the past several years through the use of emerging technologies. Our paper intensive profession now has the ability to be near paperless, and we strive to keep on that track as much as possible.
  • Any item that passes through the office that can be recycled is recycled. This includes all of our soda cans, plastic bottle, glass containers, cardboard, magazines and other recyclable goods.