Monday, July 6th, 2015

Summer around here is often a very busy time. Since the majority of the design work completed around the firm is educational, summer schedules can be very hectic. The reason for this may not be apparent , but for our educational projects our documents and deliverables are usually due during the summer months to make sure construction time aligns with academic schedules. We need to make sure the school has time to be constructed and open for the school year. So depending on our workload, summers can be our busiest time of year.

In the middle of the river.

In the middle of the river.

But I still manage to take some time to get away each summer. In what has now become a tradition, I take a trip with my family to southern Colorado. It is a fairly remote location in the Rio Grande National Forest. Each year I pack up the car and the kids and meet my parents and my sisters’ family for a week. We stay in modest cabins and spend our time doing various activities like hiking fishing or seeing some waterfalls. Last year we actually went sand dune surfing for the first time. That was pretty interesting to say the least. But it is basically a week of unplugging for me. The location is remote enough that cell service is very sparse. So this means no emails, no phone calls, and no real “connectedness” for a full 5 or 6 days. Now don’t get me wrong, those things are available, but in limited locations and quantities. On our carious day trips, we can get service. And quite surprisingly enough service is spectacular on the top of the Continental Divide hiking trail.

The sand dunes of Colorado.

The sand dunes of Colorado @ Great Sand Dunes National Park


The best reasons for time away.

The best reasons for time away.

So I do manage to stay minimally engaged with the office back home. It is somewhat stressful to be honest also. As I own the firm, it is difficult to be out of touch with the business and what is happening. So vacations as a firm owner, are somewhat of a challenge, they are not as carefree as you would think. As an employee you can really just leave it all behind, but as the owner there is a looming sense that can taint your time away. But you need that time away. It is a necessary endeavor. Your mind, body and spirit need some time to rejuvenate. This is my time to do so. And it is always nice to be away from Texas in the middle of the summer.  The heat can beat you down.

Images to keep you going.

Images to keep you going.

  –Andrew G Hawkins

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This is part of a Series created by Bob Borson (Life of an Architect) and consisting of a group of great Architectural Thinkers. We are using the hashtag #ArchiTalks to hopefully gain some momentum and help others understand what we do as Architects. It should be a great dialog and one that I hope will continue for some time into the future. As several of the other responses are being posted around the internet, the links below are those that have already posted. This list will be populated and updated as others continue to contribute today. *Also it should go without saying all opinions expressed by those in the links below are their own and are not reflective of Hawkins Architecture, Inc.  (* legal stuff)

Today’s open topic: Summer Break  


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