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Design Services

Architectural Design

This service involves the design and creation of the architectural project.  These services consist of a multi-step process to create the final set of documents which ultimately allow a project to be constructed. The three main phases of design are:

  • Conceptual Design phase
  • This begins with the review of existing conditions and ideas about the project. At this time, the general scope and goals for the project is established. These goals are to be maintained throughout the projects design and construction by  Hawkins Architecture.  Multiple design solutions are explored and generated in this phase of the process.
  • Preliminary Design Phase
  • During this phase, the chosen conceptual design solution is refined and addresses more complex construction issues. The multiple systems of the project begin to be coordinated as consultant involvement increases. The goals of the project are maintained as the design solution becomes more complex and progresses toward completion. During this time, issues such as materials, finishes and systems are explored and ultimately chosen.
  • Final Design Phase
  • This is the process of creating the final documents that will be used to construct the project. The goal of this phase is to document the design solution in detail and produce a set of documents that represent the design intent to the fullest extent possible. After the completion of this phase, bidding phase services begin in a typical project.