My Favorite Place in the Wild

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

My favorite place in the entire world? This is a very tough question. Difficult because I have not yet traveled to many places in the world I hope to see. Also because there are so many places already that are tied to emotions and meaning in my life. So in order to answer this question of location, I opted to be a bit more generic in my response.  As an architect you may expect it to be some famous building or wonderful city. Those types of places are all definitely in my top 10. But for me there is really only one somewhat universal answer. And as I sit at my desk surrounded by things, I can look up and be somewhat taken away to my favorite place: nature. Nature is my happy place.

The view above my desk.

The view above my desk.

Above my desk and throughout my office are photos of natural elements. They are mostly trees due to my specific affinity for them as an architectural exemplar.  For me, nature is my favorite place. And I mean out in the middle of nowhere type locations. I like the solitude. The feeling of insignificance yet simultaneously the sense of connectedness.  You can realize the world goes on with our without you. But it is also very easy to see the impact that humans can have on the world we inhabit. Within the more untouched and wild landscapes of our planet is the place that I often time feel the most alive.

Solitude in the great outdoors.

Solitude in the great outdoors.

It has always been this way. I spent many days in my youth out exploring the woods, fields and other open spaces around my home and friends’ homes.  I did not fully realize this preference until my years living in Oregon. Frequent trips into the wilderness or to the rugged coastline seemed to have pulled my fondness into focus. I really enjoyed being out within the elements and somewhat alone in the world. It may be a direct reaction to my other, contradictory penchant for all things technological; because I do love technology. I am a bit of a geek in that way. So maybe there is some part of my inner being that craves some semblance of balance that it finds rejuvenation in the natural world.  This is quite the contradiction in my character. I would bet that not many who know me would presume my love of the great outdoors. And I would never consider myself an “outdoorsy” person. I like the comforts of a modern life and relish in them most days. But my soul always feels the need to be “out” at times. As plugged in as I prefer to be on any given day, the urge to ditch it all and go off-grid is usually pretty strong for me. I would totally go on one of those survival reality tv shows, but I feel that I would be very disappointed when I crashed out on like day 3. What do you mean there is no food?!??!!

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere.


A view form the top out into the vastness of my happiness.

A view form the top out into the vastness of my happiness.

Many of my bucket list type items revolve around nature. Climb Mt McKinley. Go diving with great whites. Trek the continental divide. See Patagonia. Just typing these adventures makes me long for some fresh air. I plan the getaways all the time in my mind. Some of them are quite extravagant in the man vs nature realm. But see my previous comments regarding reality tv. But I do get to take a yearly trip to southern Colorado which allows me to get a small fix of the natural world and also expose my children to these simpler pleasures of life. And maybe, just maybe, the simplicity is the real desire

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Simplicity in the natural world.


–Andrew G Hawkins

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