Digital & Social Media for Architects: Schematic Blueprint

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

In the continuance of my posts on Digital and Social Media for Architects Series, I present the D/SMA “Schematic Blueprint.”

I have been working on organizing all the outlets available for architects in today’s digital world. This list has some specific platforms and outlets specific to architects (and the AEC industry), but I think it can be applied to most design fields.  This is currently a schematic that attempt to organize the uses, goals and some platforms into a format that gives some guidance for anyone looking for a way to wrangle the digital universe, so to speak.

I have broken the “schematic” into down into 7 main categories. (Virtues if you please) Each one then receives a subset of intentions, applications, and platforms.

The Seven Virtues of Digital Media for Architects (click to enlarge)

The Seven Virtues of Digital Media for Architects (click to enlarge)


The Seven Virtues of Digital & Social Media for Architects, Design Professionals and AEC Industry.

1. Information Gathering:

This is something that most everyone in the world is doing. But it can be tailored towards design professionals. This is the simple place to start.

2. Blogging:

Again most AEC professionals are into this in some form. If you are not, this branch of the program could be useful.  A list of several available platforms for creating a blog. (or viewing other blogs)

3. Document Management:

This one has some specifics to the industry. Shown are some useful tools to investigate and the intentions/capabilities for documents in our Digital Universe.

4. Social Media:

The Biggie. The various capabilities and some associated platforms available for being involved in the social experience as a professional. And not in a way to say what you just ate for dinner.

5. Photos and Images:

We are a visual profession are we not? No way to leave this one out of the plan. Various outlets for imagery. (I’ll admit this section needs some work)

6. Knowledge Storage:

I am not sure if many of us think about the possibilities of storing knowledge in this virtual world to create a more permanent memory. Call it institutional memory, knowledge transference or time capsules; it is something that can definitely help you in the future.

7. Video Application:

Again with the visuals! This is another area that can be tied to almost all the others; but a system of tools that may be underutilized by our profession.

Schematic Blueprint for Digital Media for Architects(click for full size)

Schematic Blueprint for Digital Media for Architects(click for full size)


I plan to expand and expound a bit on each of the 7 sections in future posts. Each area is certain worth is own post, if not two. So this one could be labeled “35% Complete” or “For Regulatory Review”.  And I will admit I am not the person (architect or otherwise) who it hitting at all 4 four cylinders on the Complete Digital Front. I am active in some of these areas and not in others. But I think this schematic is one that needed to be created. It needs to, and will, evolve over time. As architects, we start with a schematic concept. This one is a bit beyond that; but most likely still in DD. So I wanted to share it with my digital community and hopefully get some feedback. Time for a “digital crit”, if you will be so kind. So grab a red pen and let me know!

 — Andrew Hawkins